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Website Design

  Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla Builds. We can install, Decomission, Transfer and recover most mySQL Databases.

Web Development

  We can build, modify and standarize your web platform to meet your needs. We spealizie using page templates, CSS, HTML, and PHP.


  Require assistance standing up or modifying your in place E-Commence Solution. We offer consultations and E-Commerence Builtds and can show you how to sell your products online

Search Engine Optimization

  Need assistence on how to rank higher in Search Engines such as google.com, bing.com, and MSN.com.
   We can assist with out this is done working with Plugins, Modules, and website verification using sitemap alternations both on your side and on the providers.

Internet Marketing

  We can walk your organization or start up on how to build lists, receive traffic both free and paid for.
    Build Capture, Landing pages, and capture pages using a variety of techniques. Not to exclude optin and double optin both free and paid for solutions.

Social Media

  We can show you how to use social media business elements to integrate into your digital strategy while allowing free traffic to enter your sales funnels accordingly.
  We believe one of life's successes is not only trying but failing. Join our mailing list and we will start sharing our secrets and methods used in our free webinars. All of our primary educational services are free of charge. Join our free Educational Webinars.

Robert Orr
Systems Architect, Principal Marketer and Owner of www.affiliatechicken.website
  Robert is one of the most personable, Intelligent and Dedicated Internet Marketers on the Market. Our elite member's list will put you in a circle of very very smart people!
   If you Join our free Webinars we can Break down the Mechanics of how to grow your online Business quickly without going through the struggles we had too.

Gregory Lee
Principal Web Engineer, Marketer and Owner of www.bpnsolutions.com
   We are Engineer's, Entrepreneur's, and Goal Setters. Positive Thinkers and by all means Business People that have like minds and years of experience and pitfalls to share with our Elite Community.
   Simple put we want to be with our families and love then dearly. We believe you should not have to work hard for your money and be able to have a self generating passive income and be able to work from the Beach.
We are fathers, eCommerce web developers and digital strategist that want to give back to the community and share how we live and work.
   I truly hope you consider Us as your online entrepreneur Family that can guide you week by week through your process of doing the same type of work we do our helping your online Business in Way you may not have considered.
   I recommend you sign up for our Free News Letter and in return recieve templates, software promotes and free advice on our upcoming Webinars.
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Robert Orr
Systems Architect, Marketer
Gregory Lee
Web Engineer, Marketer, Business Owner
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